What does ASSIFONTE do?


ASSIFONTE works on the external side as well as on the internal lines within the processed cheese industry.

On the external side, ASSIFONTE:

is the partner of the European Commission in discussions on issues of crucial relevance for the processed cheese industry.

is a permanent member of the Advisory Committee and thus officially presenting its viewpoints regularly in a wider circle.

has contacts to international organizations, first and foremost the WTO to promote the interests of the European processed cheese sector.

has contacts to foreign embassies and authorities in order to solve specific problems for the export of European processed cheese.

co-operates with the European Dairy Association (EDA) and represents the specific points of the processed cheese industry within this organization, just as it follows the work of FoodDrinkEurope (FDE).

On the internal side, ASSIFONTE:

organizes ad hoc working groups and small actions parties to which company experts from the processed cheese industry are invited.

has a small board of directors, the Comité Directeur, which meet two to three times a year or when needed to defend the interests of the processed cheese industry in case an emergency action is needed vis à vis the EU Commission or other parties.

The efficiency of the organization is secured by short lines of communication and a readiness of the members of the Comité Directeur to meet and take action whenever needed.

ASSIFONTE promotes export


ASSIFONTE is very much related to market situation and development of raw material, processed cheese market, exports.

ASSIFONTE lobbies for the establishment of intra-trade certificates.

Legal framework for processed cheese


ASSIFONTE has elaborated a list of additives which may be utilized in the production of processed cheese. This list of additives has been taken over by the EU- Commission and has been made the rule for the European processed cheese industry. 

ASSIFONTE works in order to prepare a new standard for processed cheese with the aim of having this incorporated in the Codex Alimentarius. 

ASSIFONTE voices the need for an harmonized European definition of processed cheesed.

Together with EDA and EUCOLAIT, ASSIFONTE is working as a leading part on a manual for the use of cheese as a raw material.

Promotion of the sector´s image


ASSIFONTE is constantly supporting the awareness of processed cheese vis-à-vis the European Commission and other stakeholders.

Finally ASSIFONTE each year elaborates a comprehensive report on the European processed cheese sector providing valuable statistics and an overlook of happenings important to the sector.